First MerriMail Event

Last Wednesday, we had a fabulous first event - a five-course tasting dinner at The Kitchen at Elkin Creek Vineyard. Thanks to Eris, Jesse and Hugh for you all of your hard work. Welcome to Bonnie, our new subscriber, who joined us that evening, along with 18 other guests.

We posted a few pictures from the event. We are hoping to get several more from Jamie, a friend who took quite a few pictures during the event. You can read a follow-up to the event in our April email newsletter, which also include some interesting ideas that we were not able to fit into the Spring Issue. Please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date on all of our activities.


Renee said...

It looks like the dinner was a big success! I wish that I could have been there. I'll be sure to make it the next time you have an event.

Caroline Armijo said...

Thanks, Renee. I am sad that you were not able to attend. The food was delicious. But we will have to plan another event very soon. Please send us suggestions of things that you would like to do.