What Inspires You?

Nature seems to be the overriding them in what inspires the artists featured in our Branching Out Issue. Lisa Thomas and Kim West, members of the Create.Ink design team, as well, as artist Patrick Dougherty site their love for flora and branches. For me, it's paper. (And flowers, too!)

What inspires you?

Wallcandy Dottilicious Wall Decals

Wallcandy Dottilicious Wall Decals

This is a fabulous collection of vinyl art that I found on This Next, a social shopping web site. The circles are so fun and playful. Great for a kids room or an art studio.

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Love the vinyl art concept?

For more vinyl art and other decorative concepts try...

  • Wallpaper menagerie by Romp
  • Wall tattoos by Rockett St. George
  • Window decals by Avery (Label 3276) and create your own design
    Know of any other fabulous vinyl art? Add them to the list using the comments below!

  • 2.02.2007

    The Sweetest Valentine Greetings ~ They're Free!

    Download these free Valentine postcards to send to all of your favorite little Valentines. There are four different designs. Two of the designs are from our original sets of downloadable gift cards. We added two more so that you could print out four little designs just like the ones you gave to all of your friends in elementary school (save the tiny envelope).

    For printing instructions: Print the first page as many copies as you need on a heavy bright white cardstock. Then replace the stack of printed Valentines in your printer. When you print the design on the back of the postcard (page 2), only print one at a time to make sure the stack is turned in the right direction. Once they are printed, cut the postcards into quarters. Enjoy!