Issue Five is Shipping October 8th

Issue Five is shipping on October 8th. So you should receive it sometime next week. We are looking forward to this latest issue and hope that you will enjoy it. But we aren't ready to spoil the surprise. Check back in a few weeks if you still haven't subscribed.

Save the Date for Friday after Thanksgiving

Come shop with us. We will be selling an array of demonstrations, handmade gifts and MerriMail subscriptions on Black Friday. Buy local and handmade with this event, which will be held in Bermuda Run, NC. We'll send out more information later. If you would like to receive an invitation, please let us know and we'll add you to the list.

look at who's having a baby

Eris is due today! We'll be sure to report our newest MerriMail addition once she arrives.


eat local and win big

Carbon Conscious Consumer

Check out this challenge to pledge to eat local. Have your friends sign up and you can win prizes.

As we covered in Issue Three, eating local tastes better and these small steps can make a big difference. Start with your local farmers market.

about the issues

After hanging out at the bottom of our to-do lists for months, we have finally posted a web page for each of the issues. This will give readers direct links to the resources on the web. So if there is something that you have been meaning to look up, but left your idea card at home, no fears. Just go to Merri-mail.com and you will be able to find the link on that issue's page.

We haven't included the full articles. In a few instances we have included more information than we were able to fit into the idea card.

Let us know what you think and what some of your favorite resources are.


so on trend

We love to hear from our subscribers, especially what they are doing with their latest gifts. Last night we received this update from Denise Lisbesy, the founder of CHIC-life.com, the online shopping source to living CHIC: CONSCIOUS-HEALTHY-INNOVATIVE-CULTURED.

I wanted to introduce myself and congratulate you both on the wonderful service you provide with MerriMail. The last gift, Herban Essentials towelettes, really came in handy. I had been running errands all afternoon and had just picked up my MerriMail package from the Post Office before heading to two networking events. It was a hot day, so I was feeling quite sticky and needed a boost. I opened the package, used the towelettes on the back of my neck, forehead and wiped my hands. I was instantly refreshed and re-energized. I’m keeping them in my car and every handbag I own.

Denise also featured us in the CHIC-Life Style Diary on July 13th. Be sure to check it out and don't forget to subscribe to her mailing list for tips on how to live a CHIC-Life.

We also received another comment through my dear friend, Amy. She gave MerriMail to her friend Carol, who emailed her saying - The MerriMail gift I received yesterday was JUST featured in Lucky Magazine! I feel so on trend!

It is so nice to open your email and such kind words.


Issue Four is almost ready

We are to the final step of getting the next issue out. We love the next gift. Granted, we don't want to give it away yet, but it is the perfect accessory for the summer. Subscribers should receive their issues next week. And if you haven't subscribed yet, it is the perfect time to treat yourself!


The Day in Charlotte

We had a great morning in Charlotte for the second NC Signature event. It was outside in the warm sun, so we were a little thankful for the huge black cloud that came along a couple hours before the official end of the event.

Check out our display with the delicious plate of honeycomb cake. I thought that I would have an actual battle with a honeybee that spent most of the morning staking his claim. Fortunately no one was harmed during the event.

Special thanks to everyone at NC Signature magazine for including us. Pick up their second issue and check us out on page 90.


Eris at Hanes Mall

Special thanks to Eris, Karen and Ed for representing MerriMail at the NC Signature launch event at Hanes Mall this past Saturday. We look forward to seeing everyone in Charlotte this Saturday.


Visit us at the NC Signature events

We are thrilled to be featured in the NC Signature Magazine's Summer Issue, which is the second issue. If you haven't heard of the magazine, be sure to check it out. Published by the editors of Our State Magazine, NC Signature is a look at all of the hip and exciting things going on throughout North Carolina. Check out the write up.

We are participating in a few of their launch events. Come out to meet Eris this Saturday at Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem. The following Saturday, May 12th, you can find Eris and me at Southpark Mall in Charlotte. We hope to see you there.